Diversity of Domain Types With Backlinks

Google also seems to consider the diversity of domain types (such as blogs , forums, etc.). The search engine understands this as a natural signal to acquire backlinks.

88. Age of the domain with backlink
The age of the domain that inserted the backlink can also be a ranking factor: the older it is, the more trustworthy and authority it conveys to the page.

89. Page Popularity
One of the backlink quality factors is the popularity of the page. Backlinks from pages that also receive a lot of backlinks tend to pass more authority.

90. Website Authority Receiving backlinks from sites

That are considered authorities on the subject of the page counts many points in the ranking.

91. Hub Page Backlinks
Obtaining links from pages that are considered a “hub”, that is, that centralize a certain topic, can be a positive point.

92. Website TrustRank
Websites that Google trusts, with a good score in the Chief VP Operations Email Lists TrustRank algorithm, transmit more Link Juice and place their pages in the search engine’s trusted network.

93. Anchor Text
According to the original presentation of the Google algorithm, the backlink anchor text provides valuable information about the linked page. Despite this, gaining excessive backlinks with exact keyword matching can be seen as spam.

94. Image alt text with backlinks
Google also considers the alt text tag. It acts as anchor text for images with backlinks.

95. Backlink Context Google evaluates not

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Only the backlink, but also the context in which it is inserted. Therefore, contextual links, which have meaning and value within the page, are more relevant.

96. Content quality
Backlinks inserted into original content, with relevant and well-written information, convey more authority than low-quality content.

97. Niche Page
When evaluating the context of the backlink, Google analyzes the niche of the page on which it is inserted. When it comes to the niche of the linked page, the backlink conveys more authority.

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