Emotions and egos

On days when we knew in advance that we were going to be busy, and the two of us had to do an enormous amount of work, we pretended an extra colleague was joining us. Yes, an ‘imaginary friend’. We’ve named this fictional person “Ramón,” short for “Ramming the coffin” (a famous phrase from a former manager of ours). The full name of our fake colleague is therefore ‘Ramón op de Kist’.

What are the three

As soon as we want to urge each other to throw in the towel, we say to each other: ‘Ramon is invited too’ or ‘Look, Ramon is at the door’. After all, that’s a nicer way of saying we have to work our way out. Also read: You can train creativity: challenge Malaysia WhatsApp Number List your brain Fantasy as a stimulus A typical case of childish fantasy, skeptics will think. But fantasy happens to be one of the most important skills to stimulate creativity .

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Dreams and barricades

In any case, it is advisable to regularly return to a child’s way of thinking: fantasizing, playing, trying out, trial and error. Adults lose these qualities very quickly as soon as they start a job. A shame, because those are the things that keep your creative thoughts going. playlist We now also use ‘Ramon’ in the form of an emoji combination (hammer + chest), a gif and a sticker.

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