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IRS and the government do NOT give away money. Remember that – that is the reason for myth number one and two above, and unless you enjoy being  Iran Phone Number audited it’s never a good idea to write off any expenses not 100% related to your business endeavors even if they are used in relation to the business as well as your personal life. The best rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether or not you. Would still have this expense (say your car for instance) if you were not running the small business. And if so in any form or fashion then it is not a legitimate write-off.

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Which are normally allowable include any computer. And business software, rent, salaries and monies paid to independent contractors, advertising costs and even a percentage of vehicle costs if its use can  to the business in question. In some cases strict rules apply, such as whether you use the computer for personal use as well as business etc. so checking the law first is a good idea! * The right business sells itself and doesn’t need a marketing or business plan to succeed This is very common now in the post ‘dot-com’ era, but remember folks there is a reason it’s the “post” dot-com era and not the dot-com boom.

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Ror a valid business plan and understanding what is necessary to sell your product or service to the public. Anyone trying to tell you something otherwise is likely selling something he wants you to buy from him right now before you go broke and give up the idea of starting your own business! A related myth is that if you aren’t getting a loan or looking for investors you don’t really need a business plan. While business plans are necessary to get investors the purpose is not that but to ensure you understand what it will take to be successful.

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