Entrepreneurs, you don’t have to worry.

Epictetus even made a list of uncontrollable Sweden Phone Number things like our parents, the weather, the economy, the past, the future, the fact that we are Entrepreneurs you don’t  going to die… We actually have very limited control over what happens in the world, We have to accept this or we will be angry, scared, and miserable inside most of the time.

A wiser person sets himself inner goals rather than outer ones. A wiser man whose peace will not be disturb.

The controllability and uncontrollability of entrepreneurs

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The current environment is really bad. We face a lot of complicated information every day. As entrepreneurs, we encounter many practical difficulties, such as factory shutdown, e-commerce returns, rising traffic costs, capital divestment, and so on.

But note that the epidemic, war, capital market, social economy, and short-term channel dividends are all things that we cannot control.

What can we control? It is the business direction formulated in accordance with the law of category development, and it is the determination to continue to implement after the direction is clear, including visible brand signals, and products that are better and more stable day by day.

How entrepreneurs can control the moment

However, even if we let go of the uncontrollable areas, we often still have anxiety when face with the business direction and brand play that Entrepreneurs you don’t really need to be solve at the moment.

Why? When I watched “Round Table School” before, Mr. Yijun said a good point: “The antonym of anxiety is concrete.”

The specific dismantling of the problem, using scientific methods to solve the problem step by step, the anxiety will disappear automatically.

Whether it is a large enterprise or a small and medium-sized enterprise, everyone is equal when it comes to understanding the laws of categories and discovering opportunities for categories. The main difference is that the stages are different, the resources are different, and the play styles are different.

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