Evaluate Whether Your Shopify Store’s Structured Data Is

Structured data is a standardized way to format information about a page. Place the information in a format that can be read by Google and other search engines. Google uses this data to provide search capabilities that make your search results stand out from other search results. Adding structured data to your Shopify store sounds easy if you know how to write code, but it can also be an iceberg problem. Dodging the top 10% can wreck 90% you didn’t know. One of the potential JSON-LDs for SEO customers asked a fully expressed question. Why should I choose this app over other apps where I might be able to modify and update my structured data myself? Logo Designs service After thinking about it, every store has four more questions that you can use to measure structured data from your app or theme.

Logo Designs service

Do You Have Enough Structured Data

or are there any missing fields? data high quality or is there a problem with the data? Is your data up-to-date with Google or other standards, or is it late? Is the data provided in a way that negatively impacts store performance and thus overall SEO? Enough data The first question to use when evaluating structured data is whether there is enough structured data or if there are any missing fields. Structured data is not a binary that you “have” or “do not have”. You need a specific data field that contains the right data in the right place. Some SEO apps claim to have JSON-LD data, but they don’t have important fields. The incompleteness of those data is such that Google virtually ignores them. This is also common in Shopify themes.

For Some Time, Shopify Required that Every

theme in the theme store contain some structured data, but they didn’t indicate which field or amount. As a result, most Shopify themes have been released with minimal structured data. Of the data that was included, it hasn’t been updated and is so problematic that Google often ignores it. Having a theme or app that checks structured data boxes may not be enough. You need to dig deeper to understand what’s included. JSON-LD for SEO has all the fields like Google Search, Google Merchant Center, Bing, Pinterest and many optional fields. The last time I checked, SEO’s JSON-LD contained hundreds of different fields. It is also integrated with 19 product review apps.

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