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Getting Things Done – David Allen Productivity systems are everywhere. But David Allen’s Time Management System is a helpful backbone for sustainable work. This is a realistic view of what it takes to be truly productive throughout your career. Being an entrepreneur, it’s easy to go underground. This book will help you organize your life and work so that you always pursue your goals without feeling overwhelmed. Smart Investor – Benjamin Graham Every entrepreneur and business owner needs a healthy dose of reality in this over-inflated business environment. Graham teaches the reader to take a deep look at what lies behind the valuation of a stock, company, or business idea.

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This book will help you settle into reality and make sure you can see true value. You will learn the principles of slowly and systematically building wealth, creating goals that make sense and allow you to enjoy every step forward. Made to Stick – Chip and Dan Heath This book, written by a pair of enterprising brothers, provides a helpful foundation to Tunisia Phone Number List understand why some business ideas work and others don’t. The Heath Brothers build on concepts introduced in “The Tipping Point,” another book on this list. You’ll learn more about what makes ideas better remembered and how to use this concept to grow your own business.

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Creativity, Inc – Ed Catmill Catmill is one of the founders of the hugely successful Pixar animation studio. In this book, he tells part of his story related to starting and running a business, focusing BS Leads mainly on how he built the foundation for creative employees. It’s a deep look at creating a positive, creative organizational culture that thrives. End No book has all the answers, but the more you read, the better prepared you will be for whatever building your online business will bring you.

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