Expense of Destroying Nature USA Phone Number

Is at the expense of destroying nature. But how to USA Phone Number damage less and how to achieve. A balance between development and non. Destructiveness. The essence of environmental protection does not require. Extremism, nor can it be accomplished by a few extremists. Chai jing’s performance. Is closely USA Phone Number related to the video content. Chai jing started with her daughter’s story and finished. It calmly for an hour and a half. With excellent narrative construction. But it is her daughter who is also the most. Controversial part of this film: the sense. Of personal substitution is too heavy. This is inconsistent with traditional media ethics. Traditional media ethics require that journalists. Are first and foremost journalists of news, not journalists of people.

So the Traditional USA Phone Number

Standard approach to hard USA Phone Number news (and environmental topics like this one is generally hard news) is that journalists need to be onlookers, recorders, not witnesses. In fact, chai jing has always been very controversial on USA Phone Number this issue. Many of chai jing’s past works follow the route of witnesses. She will embed her own things in the final works – a bad way of saying that, with private goods. Chai jing revealed too much in her own works, and even caused a criticism in 13 years. One of the critics was a well-known host, or rather, a well-known reporter on phoenix tv. But the problem is that in this era of hard news, the public does not like to read it.

There Are Some USA Phone Number

USA Phone Number

Good pieces of hard news that are USA Phone Number obscure to read—to put it harshly, called “no human words”, and in the end. The public’s attention is drawn to the less hard, but by no means essential, details. This kind of thing is not uncommon. Moreover, chai jing’s speech was obviously practiced. This means that she USA Phone Number is a kind of “performance”. This makes the orthodox media ethics unbearable again. How can reporters perform? However, in the internet era with “users” as the core, will all these traditional media ethics be rewritten? In general, chai jing’s videos achieve a balance of professionalism, readability and dissemination. Some of the flaws in the details, whether the sensationalism at the end is appropriate, etc.

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