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We interviewed a group of children and teenagers aged between 10 and 18, from Berlin to São Paul, and what we found was that they are using YouTube for far more than just entertainment. As parents everywhere will be delighted to hear, they’re also using it for education.

Gen Z is the first digitally native generation, and the first generation for whom YouTube is the most popular social media platform. And, while video is becoming more attractive across age groups, it’s a particular draw for the younger generations of internet users.

Opening up the Classroom

It’s not, then, surprising that Belgium Phone Number this generation has gone online to learn. The internet has changed every aspect of our lives and education is no exception.

Where once teaching took place in classrooms and university lecture theatres or evening schools, you can now learn about anything you like online, simply by searching for it. And, with COVID-19 forcing the closure of schools and colleges in countries around the world, the shift from classroom to online learning has been accelerated.

Whether it’s a free university module on biology, a course on UX design, or how to fix a bike puncture, restore an old sofa or bake a really good sourdough, you can find it on the web. As long as you have a way to connect to the internet, be it fast 5G or laid-back 3G, you have access to information about just about anything.

However, it’s not only the obvious platforms – the online training providers, distance learning sites – and so on, where you can get your schooling, as the younger generation is proving. And, having access to all this information is secondary to what we do with it. That is the most significant shift – not in the platform or format, but rather in attitudes.

This is a generation that actively looks for information online instead of just consuming it. For Gen Z and Gen Alpha, it is a virtual space for learning, and it’s a type of learning that’s fun, interactive, innovative and compelling.

Welcome to the School of YouTube

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When we asked our young interviewees about their relationship to social media and YouTube in particular, we found that they do spend a lot of their time watching gaming videos (including watching videos of other people gaming). But the big surprise was that every one of them said they had learned something on YouTube, whether it was a skill, a new craft or a complicated academic theory.

If they have a burning question – why the ocean has tides, for example

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