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Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are not just a fun pastime to share content or communicate with each other. They are also use to buy products or services. Especially in the past two years, social shopping (or social commerce) has experienced enormous growth due to the corona situation and lockdowns. How popular are social media to use as a sales platform?

In the survey

And what are consumer experiences? Time for an investigation. Last December, The Influencer Marketing Factory conducted a survey of 1,000 American consumers asking them about their social commerce experiences . A summary Namibia WhatsApp Number List of the results is visually incorporated in the infographic below. Although the facts and figures are based on experiences in the United States, this does not make the research any less interesting.

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Before I explain a number of results, it is good to know how the researchers have defined social commerce. This refers to the process of purchasing a product (or service) via a social media platform. So not purchasing a product on a company website that you ended up. With via a referral on Facebook, for example. What are the favorite products?

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