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Pin, tweet, like, Stories, TikToks… Social media is a broad concept with many possibilities for you as an entrepreneur or marketer. And when you get started with it, it can be overwhelming. How do you ensure that you approach this properly and find the right way? What is interesting for you? What are tasks you should not forget? The Vizion Online checklist below is a handy reference for a social media marketing starter.

Then follow the entire series

Even if you already have some experience, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the overview to see if you are on the right track. 5 points of attention for marketing on social media The visual is divided into 5 focus areas. There are a number of questions Australia WhatsApp Number List as a basis to get you off to a good start. Points of attention that you should have in mind, such as your goal and strategy with social media, but also which platforms you will use.

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5 points of attention

This is followed by maintaining your social media in daily, weekly and monthly activities. Like responding to private messages or comments from your followers every day. But also check whether relevant messages have been posted about your company, products or services and respond to them. Every week it is useful to see what your activities yield by monitoring, so that you can see what your goals will be for the next 4 weeks on a monthly basis.

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