Fantasy as a stimulus

Think of clichés, caricatures or symbols. From those extremes it is easier to form an opinion, evoke a reaction or put things into perspective. Dreams and barricades Tip: think about extremes more often in your work. Start a meeting or brainstorm by describing the dream situation. Let your imagination run wild, without immediately allowing (self) criticism or realism.

Ramón on the Casket

Sketch a picture of how things would work out in the ideal scenario. And then throw this question into the group: what are. The three main barricades that stop our dream? By starting a conversation in this way, you get to the heart of the matter faster Mexico WhatsApp Number List and more quickly to solutions or ambitious plans. And there is also something to laugh about more often What are the three main barricades holding back our dream?

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Effective and cheerful

Processes, emotions and egos In every organization, in every job, in every company you run into frustrations. There is always something that just doesn’t work, that keeps singing around, that gets in the way. Technology, processes, egos, miscommunication, emotions, colleagues with whom you are not on the same page… you name it. Nice to complain about that, isn’t it?

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