What are the favorite products?

In the survey, just over half of respondents (57 percent) said they made a purchase during a live stream on a social media platform. And 29 percent indicate that they make a weekly purchase via social media. 24 percent even buy a product or service several times a week via social media. Favorite products sold through social commerce are clothing (22 percent) and personal care/beauty items (15 percent).

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Do you want to read more conclusions about the experiences of social commerce? Then scroll down to view the infographic. Click on the image for a larger copy. Infographic social commerce Are you a fan of infographics? Then follow the entire Nepal WhatsApp Number List series of Infographic Day . The art of social media influence If you want to learn how to authentically and ethically entice your target audience to say “yes” to your offer faster, a handy training course can help you.

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Discover how you can influence people’s unconscious thinking, and thus ensure more clicks to your website, conversion and sales. Knowing more? Then we really delve into the end goals of the users: why do they use this system? By combining the two – and sometimes naming them literally in the descriptive text – the text becomes catchier, more recognizable and more pleasant to read. “Yes, unfortunately” This text once appeared in one of our manuals.

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