Find your industry community and you’ve found your ideal audience

Dive deeper: Why Content Marketing Should Always Be 20% Creation Comparison of Different Platforms How to Build a High Performance Content Marketing Strategy 3 Content Promotion Strategies You Need to Master Finding new ways to promote your content doesn’t have to be a chore or burn you out. Instead, here are three creative strategies you can start using today to increase your traffic beyond your existing readers. 1) Niche community promotion Loyal readers are valuable. But first you have to find them. No, not by sending your message out into the internet wasteland to compete with millions of others. Professional communities are a huge trend these days. These are curated content communities where industry experts share articles, videos, and podcasts that they find highly valuable to the business.

For example, marketers like me turn to Zest for

high-value marketing content. The new Chrome tab extension app provides a new, daily-updated feed of hyper-personalized marketing content with articles, videos, and podcasts, all submitted by members of the Zest user tribe. Zest extension To ensure the content is Norway Phone Number worth sharing with community members, each piece is evaluated by its own users and artificial intelligence for quality before being added to the Zest database. If your content makes the cut, it will get its turn as featured content on the Zest content feed. Sharing your content on Zest is free, but you can increase your visibility by purchasing Content Boosts, which displays your content in the

Zest feed up to twice a day and can r niche community

Norway Phone Number

that hosts content is Indie Hackers, where community members share ideas, posts, and content related to building and marketing their startups. Slack groups And then there are the private professional communities. Slack is the preferred host for these groups. I’ll just share an example before telling you how you can use them. The Product Marketing Alliance Slack group has over 7,000 members, all involved in product marketing and pre-verified to ward off spammers! Any member can use the #freshcontent channel to share what they’ve been working on. Group hosts are also updating the thread with posts from their organization’s own blog:

Release from product marketing Another marketer-friendly Slack group is hosted by Online Geniuses . The OG Slack group is invite-only and members share their content and other promotions on the #shameless_plug channel. These groups are also a great source of shareable content for your curators. Plus, they’re great for networking and making new connections. Also, don’t overlook the benefits of building relationships with other members of the community who may turn out to be future business partners. Additionally, you can turn to the experts in these groups for feedback or even help with future content you create. This strategy will also boost your distribution network.

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