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Personally, I am a fan of the slideshows of marketing professional Christ Coolen. In this he deals with various marketing or communication issues. In the example below, for example, he explains in 24 pictures how you can achieve more impact with your copy. Slideshow Christ Coolen Christ ‘s slideshows stand out because of the minimal text and simple drawings with yellow hatching.

The insurer shares

That’s why I recognize them immediately. Moreover, the minimalist style gives me the feeling that I can easily click through the story. But in the meantime I am a lot wiser after 24 clicks! 2. Opt for an infographic Do you want to make data UK WhatsApp Number List visual for your audience? Like facts and figures? Then consider an infographic. NOS op 3 regularly uses this form of communication to explain the background to the news. Usually their infographics are spread over multiple images, creating a small slideshow.

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Make a list

As in this example on Instagram . The advantage of this form of communication is that the most important message immediately catches the eye. More detailed information about the underlying research can be found in the caption below the infographic. Smart! 3. Make a long story short As an organization, you probably have endless things to say about your company, product or brand. But the time of your followers is not endless. So always check: what is the real core of my story?

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