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Provided that the original photo was taken in RAW and the photo was not saved too often as JPG. It is a misconception that the number of kBs or mBs of a photo says a lot about the quality of a photo. That depends on the source file and the way it is saved. What is in the photo also influences the number of kB’s. For example, a lawn takes up a lot of space to properly save as JPG.

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A solid surface (for example a white wall or blue sky) as a JPG takes considerably less storage space. JPG is a way of saving with adjustable quality and thus has a loss of quality every time it is saved. RAW and TIFF are file formats that save a Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List photo without losing quality. What is your source photo? Is your source a RAW file? Then you can generate a good quality JPG photo from that photo, which is not too heavy.

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Professional photographers always shoot in RAW and deliver good quality JPG photos. If your original is a JPG file (such as smartphone photos), it is more difficult to keep the quality high and the KBs low. If you want to receive a photo in good quality, do not ask your photographer for a photo of x number of kB’s. But ask for a photo with x number of pixels. Professional photographers’ photos are usually in a 3:2 or 2:3 aspect ratio.

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