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That is the reason for LEGO to take the next step in Tunisia Phone Number their campaign. “Girls are ready.” Toys would be more inclusive if the team of designers behind the product is also inclusive – Esmee Kuenen, Dutch element designer at LEGO 3. MediaMonks: an inclusive workplace At MediaMonks they fight for more inclusive Tunisia Phone Number workplaces. To stimulate this, they have set up The Empathy Experiment: an online experience that takes you into certain situations at work. At the start of the experiment, type in the name of a Tunisia Phone Number colleague you get along with.

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That person then becomes the guideline of the story, and Tunisia Phone Number the person on whom you base your choices. The game guides you through the effect of higher or lower empathic behavior in recognizable scenarios. They state: ‘Just like in real life, there are no right or wrong answers – just different ways to color the Tunisia Phone Number conversation.’ Curious? You can ‘play’ The Empathy Experiment at this link . The Empathy Game. 4. Police: recruitment campaign for diversity If you watch the videos of the. New police recruiting campaign, the goal is immediately clear: the police want to become more diverse. With multiple personal videos. Tunisia Phone Number from agents from different backgrounds, they zoom in on the obstacles, opportunities and possibilities.

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View the number of referring domains, the Tunisia Phone Number number of backlinks, the domain and URL rating, the Ahrefs Rank and the position of a. Domain in Ahrefs. fatrank Fatrank is a great Google Chrome extension to check current positions. When you’re on a site, you can open the Fatrank extension and type in a keyword. It will then tell you what. Keyword that site ranks for and which associated pages rank for it. It is a manual research, but gives Tunisia Phone Number you a good insight without having to search it in Google. Hunter If you’ve found. Tunisia Phone Number website that you’d like a link to, you don’t want to search endlessly for an email. Address or contact details to approach it.

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