From Blog Posts to Social Media Posts

If we did it with blog posts, we can definitely do it with our social media content as well.

Again, identify content that you haven’t shared recently and consider sharing it in a different way on your social networks. Perhaps using the infographic you just recycled.

You can mention the conclusion, or the introduction and diversify the way you share that same post over and over again.

For example, you can also split a data-heavy post into multiple social media posts, displaying each piece of data separately, suggesting reading the entire post for more context

From blog posts to audio or video content

You can also adapt a publication to a format such as podcast, video, and vice versa.

Although there is some overlap, the CMO Email Lists audiences for these two digital media (written vs. visual) are quite diverse, allowing you to reach a larger audience by repurposing content in this way.

From infographics to charts
You can use snippets from your blog post or infographic to create graphics like charts or diagrams to share on your social media. You can split a single infographic into five or seven social media posts.

Sharing it on instagram in carousel format would be the most recommended.

From infographics to newsletters or newsletters
In addition, you can reuse your infographic in a newsletter, in a call to action or on a relevant page to generate traffic to your website.

You can, like social media, take a section or

CMO Email Lists

The entire infographic and add it to your regular newsletter to promote the original article or infographic.

From presentations to videos
You can tailor a particularly engaging presentation into an instructional video for your audience. This could support your customer service strategy .

You could also record a webinar and turn it into a video for your audience on YouTube to attract new users.

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