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My name is pat marcello and I have been the Mexico Phone Number owner and seo manager of magnasites since 2011. How Do You Think Seo Has Changed Over the past 10 years? Verry much! Things that were okay to get a ranking in 2008 are no longer viable in 2018. For example, people were using footer links to other pages on their site with keywords to help their pages rank upper. Back in 2008, keyword stuffing was already a big no-no, but… duplicate content was ok. Only the first bit that Mexico Phone Number was crawled or the site with the highest authority would rank for it, but there really was no repercussion. Today, With the Changes in Algorithms Over.

Dismantling the Specific Mexico Phone Number

The last 4-5 years, duplicate content will give you problems Mexico Phone Number unless it’s done well with canonical markup. Now the focus is more on authority. It’s not just about what’s on the page or what’s behind it, but who you are online or how important your brand is. Mexico Phone Number Search engines monitor your site, what you do on social media, and how interested people are in what you write, do, or say. Authority comes from all points of the internet now. Another change concerns the quality. Google started cleaning up the web with the panda update in 2011. 7 Please Introduce Yourself and Indicate Where You Work My name is brandon prettyman.

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Mexico Phone Number

I’m the senior vice president of digital Mexico Phone Number marketing at mack media group, a full-service digital marketing agency in connecticut. I have worked in agencies, internal teams, for start-ups and as a freelance seo professional. How do you think seo has changed over the past 10 years? Ten years is a long time in the history of seo. Probably the biggest overall change Mexico Phone Number over this time has been the gradual transition to more natural search results. Google no longer relies so heavily on the use of keywords in site content. In 2012, Google Launched the Knowledge Graph Which helped its algorithm develop a better understanding of semantics and key phrases in context.

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