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And I also don’t want to withhold from you this post on Twitter from UNHCR (the United Nations Refugee Agency): A strategy for your social media The above shapes and formats are preferably part of your social media content strategy. For such a strategy, you set goals in advance that you want to achieve with your content. Think of creating brand awareness (reach), more contact with your target group (interaction) or more website visits (clicks).

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You also describe in advance your target group, the social channels on which your target group is active, and the core message you want to convey. Then you can go all out with inventing shapes and formats. Have fun! Make informed choices In 2022, social Vietnam WhatsApp Number List media can no longer be missing from your marketing mix. Take the time to develop a thoughtful strategy for your content, channels and campaigns. Only in this way will you achieve the best result. Need some more help? Then our Training Social media strategy is for you. Curious?

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Just above the screenshot you see 2 options: ‘screen’ and ‘full page’. If you tap on ‘full page’ you will see the full page in your screenshot. To scroll down, press and hold on the right of the image and swipe up and down. You can now edit your screenshot, which will be processed as a PDF, with markers and markers. Also read: Privacy settings Apple iOS 15: good for user, challenge for marketer Unfortunately, you can’t take a full-page screenshot in every app, it only worked for me in Safari.

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