Google Does Not Confirm That the Click-through Rate on a Page in the Serp

In addition to measuring organic CTR for a given keyword, the algorithm is believed to also consider click-through rate for all keywords that trigger that page. But there is no reliable evidence for this either.

77. Bounce rate
Bounce rate measures how many users click on a link, don’t engage, and then leave the page. To Google, this could be a sign that the page doesn’t have a good response for that keyword.

This factor is still controversial , but Google has already stated that it does not use the Google Analytics bounce rate metric in the algorithm:

78. Dwell Time The time a user spends on the page can

lso be indicative of the relevance of your content to the keyword. But that factor is also controversial .

79. Direct traffic
If many users type the URL of the Chief VP Compliance Email Lists page directly into the browser bar, Google can understand this as a positive point for ranking. A SEMrush study showed that there is a strong correlation between direct traffic and SERP position:

80. Frequent Visitors
The more visitors return to the page, the better for rankings. This is also a controversial factor, which Google does not assume, but can be used to measure the relevance of the page.

81. Chrome Favorites
Google can identify which pages have been added to “Favorites” in Chrome, and this can influence ranking.

When selecting articles from Google News , for example, the search engine admits that it uses favorites to personalize the ranking.

82. Comments User interaction through comments on

Chief VP Compliance Email Lists

The page can also be used as a sign of relevancy to content. Gary Illyes confirms that a strong community can go a long way in Google’s SERPs.

backlink factors
It’s time to start looking at the Google ranking factors that are outside of the site and its pages.

We are talking about backlink factors, which are the links that a domain receives from other sites and that are part of link building and off-page SEO strategies .

Here are the key points:

83. PageRank
PageRank was the first version of the Google algorithm, which revolutionized the search market.

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