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For SEO strategies to be effective, SEO best practices such as the right type of on-page content must be followed. While it’s important to have different types of content on your site, there is one particular type, known as “core content,” that can really help you increase your SEO efforts. What is core content? What is core content? Source Cornerstone content is a form of website content that consists of prominent, thematically structured information deemed of value to the site visitor. It typically consists of educational resources and tools such as schedules, FAQs, and calculators. It aims to increase website traffic and brand awareness by showing what a given company can offer.

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Suppose your company manufactures digital cameras. You may have a website that provides digital camera reviews and photography tips to help people take better photos. If you run a B2B company, you can post customer testimonials on your website so that potential customers or employers can see what other collaborators have experienced. This Spain Phone Number List is the content that search engines love! This is the most important. Search engines are always looking for pages with helpful, interesting and engaging content. Cornerstone content meets all of these criteria, so their presence on the website will increase its position in search results. How can you use cornerstone content.

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How to use cornerstone content?(Source: Unsplash ) Use them to drive traffic back to your website As we have seen, one of the most important benefits of Cornerstone content is that it attracts search BS Leads engine results and potentially new visitors looking to check out all the information you have to offer. Therefore, you should make sure that it is visible and available on your website. Make sure that this type of content appears prominently – especially on your home page or other key landing pages.

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