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It is worth noting that the incentive. System for individuals must be stepp, quantifiable, and easy to count. It must not be flashy, and the workload. And operability in the later period must be consider. After the personal incentive system is set up, it is necessary. To design the pk between the operation groups. This pk can be used to evaluate the reputation. And corresponding rewards such as the annual excellent operation group according to the activity. The pk between the groups will allow the operation the group has a more sense of purpose externally. And is more cohesive internally.

The next recruitment depends on

Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List

the channel of the company. I usually choose to Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List recruit among the seed users, because the seed user has a certain understanding. Of the company, and he use to be a member of the user, so he naturally understands what the user wants. Step 5: establish an operation group group and conduct a group opening ceremony when we have. Completed the recruitment of personnel in the system, we need to simply communicate with them their responsibilities. And corresponding actions through private chat. After completing the simple communication, we need to. Establish an operation group group. Although it is a small group, we must also conduct using the strategy.

Of community operation, let the team

get familiar with each other quickly and know what they are going to do. First of all, ask to enter the group to modify the group nickname, just post + name, such as “group leader – crooked”. Then, everyone who joins the group must introduce themselves on topic, template: hello everyone, i am very happy to be a member of this group. Let me introduce myself first: it is easy. To cause interaction with other people here. After a simple operation rhythm, the atmosphere of the entire. Small group will quickly become active. Members need to negotiate a free time with everyone to hold the group. Opening ceremony.

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