Guide to the Purchase Process: How to

The purchase process is the path that a consumer travels from the moment they feel the need to buy something until the moment they make the purchase. This journey involves the recognition of the problem, the search for information, the evaluation of alternatives, the purchase decision and the post-purchase evaluation.

stages of the purchase process
Consumer behavior has evolved a lot in recent decades and the ease of access to information has played a key role in this transformation.

Before, the sales process was simpler, the product was at the center of attention, and advertising without segmentation was enough to persuade consumers to buy.

Now, however, potential customers go


Through a more complex buying process until they decide to purchase a product or service.

If before people decided to Accounting Directors Email Lists buy something after seeing an ad on television, today 90% of them read reviews on the internet before going to a store. Faced with such a change in behavior, it is essential to have a good vision of the purchase process .

After all, this can make all the difference in attracting and converting more and more leads .

That is why we wrote this post, to show you the process that a person goes through to make a purchase decision , how it works and what its main stages are.

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What is the purchase process and how does it work?

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The purchase process is the journey that the customer makes to buy a product or hire a service. It can be compared to a trip where the client goes through several points until reaching the destination.

At each stage, the lead can both increase the sympathy he feels for the company or simply decide to walk away. What exactly can influence this problem?

The consumer 4.0
Consumer 4.0 is quite demanding. The problem is that there are companies that are not yet very aware of this, or maybe they are, but have difficulties in adapting their processes.

Think of a customer who calls the bank to try to solve a problem. The assistant’s tone of voice or having the call transferred multiple times, for example, can cause you dissatisfaction or irritation.

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