Has a Stronger Development Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number

Has a stronger development Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number momentum on the mobile side this year. And we have to thank wechat. It is precisely because of the stimulation of wechat that alipay pays more attention. To the mobile terminal, and successively launched. A series of products such as yu’ebao, yubao, service windows. And alipay red Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number envelopes to counter wechat. Competition is one of the important reasons for the rapid. Development of mobile payment in china. However, the fate of china’s mobile payment. In the future will only be in the hands of alipay. And we cannot rush to a conclusion. Liu kuang believes that there are two major variables. Variable 1: nfc payment under the leadership. Of apple apple launched apple pay.

And Launched Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number

The payment combination of nfc+touchid, which triggered the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number common voice of the whole industry that mobile payment will usher in new changes. Nfc technology replaces the magnetic stripe of the original credit card, and fingerprints are used for authorization verification, replacing the signature Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number in credit card payment. Simply put, the iphone replaces the plastic credit card and eliminates the need for signatures. Compared with alipay, apple has neither the world’s first e-commerce platform nor a powerful payment platform, so what is the advantage of apple’s nfc payment? First, apple holds a powerful mobile terminal device – the iphone. Apple does not need to rely on a lot of money. Burn to promote its own payment applications like other mobile payment platforms.

As for Apple, Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number

While selling mobile phones, it also occupies Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number the market share of mobile payments. Second, the biggest advantage of apple’s launch of nfc payment is the user experience, which is more convenient than swiping card signature and qr code payment. Third, apple’s nfc payment is easier to achieve Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number through globalization. Apple’s mobile phones have already been sold worldwide. And alipay and wechat payment must break through many restrictions in order to achieve globalization. Fourth, from a security point of view, apple’s fingerprint + device is more secure than the account + password method. Of course, nothing is so simple and easy, and apple’s nfc payment method also faces some problems that need to be solved.

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