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Navigating Intent For the navigating intention, it is Tunisia Phone Number your contact page, with address details, opening hours and contact details, in order. Create separate landing pages for the different locations, so that a local search will lead the user directly to them. Do you want to be found (better) in Google Local Pack? Then use structured data Tunisia Phone Number to inform Google about the physical locations of your branches. In addition, use Google My Business to become more visible on local search terms. Commercial Intent The commercial intent is captured with product pages such as PDPs (Product Detailing Pages), PLPs (Product Listing Pages) and other formats in which you can purchase products or services.

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Comparative Intent The comparative search intent is in the consideration phase in the marketing funnel. This is the phase in which the visitor wants to buy something, but does not yet know exactly which product is most suitable. People are looking for Tunisia Phone Number product comparisons, but also want to be able to purchase the most suitable product immediately. Hybrid content formats lend themselves well to this: pages containing a combination of information in text blocks (often in the form of top X lists and product USPs), images and shop entries to products.

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Mixed search intent: a fifth search intent? You now know how to distinguish the different search intentions in the search engine and what. The Tunisia Phone Number content formats are. But sometimes the search intent is less clear because Google returns different needs. There are then multiple search intentions at the same time. This is called mixed search intent. Most mixed search intent keywords are generic terms with high search volume. An example of a term with mixed intent is the keyword “coffee.

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