Help Scout Also good:

I mean, just look at his cute little face! Also good: there is a search bar that hopefully can. Lead the lost visitor to the desired content. 8. Stella Cycling Good 404 pages – Stella Cycling Why do I like the Stella Cycling 404 page ? Two reasons: The copywriting (‘Oh no! The chain is off…) connects directly to their industry. They create context by listing some of the reasons why you’re seeing the 404.

Mantra Labs page does not have

They provide some useful links in the hope of keeping the visitor on the website. I already said it at Coolblue and I will repeat it: your 404 page does not have to be a graphic highlight. If you only use the right tone, soothe the pain and provide useful Lithuania WhatsApp Number List information, you already create added value. 9. Distilled Original 404 Pages – Distilled Consulting agency Distilled has a 404 page that makes the originality stand out!

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The only minor drawback Lego

Two gentlemen are discussing the existence of the 404 page and the possible steps the visitor can take to find the right information. The only minor drawback to this brilliant illustration is that it becomes virtually unreadable on a mobile phone. Distilled. 10. Belgian Rail Good 404 pages Belgian companies Belgian Rail As a resident of Belgium and sporadic train passenger.

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