Here’s an Example: Imagine Having to Measure the Performance

of a paid campaign or landing page traffic without any marketing software or digital tools . Doesn’t seem possible, right?

Taking advantage of the fact that the concept of marketing 4.0 is gaining strength, the most efficient way to take your company into today’s world is to have the help of Martechs all the way.

In fact, a study carried out by Gartner shows that, on average, 29% of the budget available for the marketing area of ​​​​companies is used for Martechs .

That is, expenses for agencies, paid campaigns, and even hiring talent is less than this number.

This shows that it is a marked and notorious trend in the spin, and whoever does not want to or cannot adapt to it will feel an avalanche of negative results at any time.

Now, all this that we have explained so far has to come in an orderly and defined manner to guarantee the results. This leads us to tell you about the Marketing Stack and explain what it is about.

Marketing Stack: the Ecosystem of Martechs of Each Company

Thus, the marketing stack or marketing technology stack encompasses all. Those digital tools and services on which companies rely to carry out their marketing tasks.

In short, it is a very detailed diagram that draws the digital marketing management. Flow and all the technological resources that support it.

This goes beyond products and services focused on collecting data, as well. As the promotion of materials and the VP Safety Email Lists strengthening of the relationship with the client.

What it intends is to order all those resources that are necessary for marketing. Tasks to be possible and that favor internal collaboration.

Its Practical Importance Lies in the Fact That It is a Map

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Those technologies in which the company and its collaborators are leveraged. In order to operate efficiently, and thus offer their customers. Products and services at the highest level of quality.

However, this is not a simple list or group of digital marketing tools. In fact, it is an integration strategy that must be carefully designed. For a company to be able to generate, manage, measure and execute strategies.

In fact, did you know that there is an award for the best companies. Based on how they design and execute their marketing stack?

Yes, they are called the stackie awards and they are intended to celebrate. Genius in areas such as marketing, sales and advertising, among others.

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