How Attracts Qualified Prospects Who Become Customers

It is frustrating for marketing and sales teams to receive a large number of prospects and only a few convert into customers . Two clues to achieve this: Qualification and maturation of the prospect. Here we explain how how-to-attract-qualified-prospects-that-convert-into-customers When the prospects are of low quality, sales teams must invest more time and effort in serving people who are not going to buy. Lead qualification allows you to increase sales by being more efficient in deciding who is worth spending time with .

This also causes internal friction, since marketing often believes that sales should improve their closing technique and sales tells marketing that their prospects are not good. Our point of view, both efforts must be aligned . However, in this article we will focus on how to attract qualified prospects who convert into customers. More is not always better, it’s just more It is relatively easy for a company to generate leads or registrations through its digital strategy.

Who Is From Right?

However, the real challenge is that these contact details represent a real sales opportunity . In our experience, many marketing teams strive to phone numbers germany generate more leads, instead of focusing their efforts on attracting better leads. What would happen if instead of attracting 100 prospects that we don’t know if they are a real opportunity, we gave sales 50 prospects that we know do have the possibility and interest in buying? We would be decreasing the number of prospects, but we would be increasing the possibilities of increasing sales.

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So it’s not just about attracting more leads, but about better sales opportunities . How to attract qualified prospects that do convert customers? It’s a fact, not every prospect that converts from the various lead generation sources will convert into a lead. For this reason, we must build a marketing and sales funnel that qualifies the contact, to determine if it is a real sales opportunity or not. What is a qualified prospect? A qualified prospect is a contact that meets the characteristics of the ideal client (in B2B companies) and the profile of the buyer , in B2B and B2C businesses.

How To Attract Qualified Prospects?

Investigating and knowing these characteristics and identifying how each contact fits their profile will allow the sales team to focus their efforts on those with the greatest chance of success . The first step to attracting the right people is to understand who are the people we are interested in attracting and how our product or service adds value to them . To do this, we carry out an investigation of our buyer profile where, in addition to identifying demographic data, we also understand the context in which they find themselves, their motivations, objectives and the challenges they are facing.

An Inbound Marketing strategy allows you to attract customers efficiently. It is based on converting qualified prospects with relevant and valuable content. Unlike traditional advertising and conventional digital marketing strategies, inbound does it in a non-intrusive way, so it is more effective. Since it is the clients who approach you and not you who should chase them . inbound-methodology How to convert qualified prospects into customers? The consumer has changed the way in which he receives information on how to solve his needs.

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