How Do You Know If Inbound Marketing Is For You?

The software integrates tools that allow actions to be carried out automatically such as: sending emails, qualifying prospects, scheduling publications on social networks, among many others. Landing pages: These are the pages where your users provide you with their data through forms. With HubSpot you can create different landing pages and test content to learn about your users’ preferences. Analysis of results: Know the results of the actions you are carrying out and see if you are achieving your goals. This allows you to discover areas of opportunity and where you can improve. Blog: Hubspot allows you to create a blog for your website from scratch, plus it contains publishing tools that make your job easier, such as scheduling the publication of your articles for certain dates.

Social networks: Integrate all your social networks in one place. Prepare, measure and program the content you publish on your social networks quickly and easily. As you can see, HubSpot is a tool that allows you to comprehensively implement the Inbound methodology, however, you are probably wondering: And how does all this translate into growth for a company? In these points we explain how this translates into the growth of a company: Attract new customers : The platform allows you to locate new sales opportunities through the visits that are generated to your website, you can also obtain them on social networks . Qualify your prospects : Measure the interactions that your prospects make on the website in order to identify which prospects are the most likely to buy.

The Repurchases Of Your Products

You must have customers who buy from you throughout the year, while others do so occasionally. Hubspot allows you to segment your current customers to carry out cross-selling and up-selling actions that allow you to increase the amounts. Process automation : HubSpot’s software allows you to perform automated actions such as sending emails to usa email database certain people in your database, qualifying contacts in your database, programming content on your social networks and blog, creating lists automatic clients, among others. All these actions optimize the time of your work team, which helps you reduce human errors and optimize internal processes to focus their efforts on other more lucrative tasks.

usa email database
usa email database

Improve the training of your team the constant training of your work team, which is why it provides different modules for your sales and marketing team to train in the methodologies and tactics. Measure your results : Many companies carry out marketing or sales actions without having a clarity of the results that they must measure, or even many times they do not measure the results. HubSpot allows you to perform analysis of your marketing and sales actions to identify areas of opportunity. This helps you make better decisions when preparing your budgets.

You Want To Increase Visits To Your Website?

If you find yourself in any of these situations, it is likely that you need to implement Inbound in your company: Would you like your sales team to make more closings? Do you want your salespeople to stop wasting time on customers who don’t buy? Are you not reaching your goals? Do you need to increase your number of clients? Don’t know how to increase your customers’ repurchases? With the different tools that HubSpot software integrates, you can have greater visibility on the performance of your sales team, as well as potential clients on whom you should focus your efforts; in addition to that through your website, you can attract new customers.

But above all, you will be able to make your work team’s time more efficient, reduce human errors in the operation and distribute workloads to carry out actions that allow them to achieve your company’s objectives. And this is not just what we say, here we share some data on how inbound has potentiated the growth of companies : In less than 4 months 65% of companies that use Inbound increased their prospects 40% of businesses using HubSpot increased their web traffic by 75% Inbound Marketing Drives 54% more leads to the funnel than traditional (outbound) marketing leads Would you like to start integrating the Inbound and HubSpot methodology?Receive a free consultancy and learn how you can start accelerating your business. At GrowX Agency we specialize in offering tailored growth solutions for each of our clients.

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