How Does Inbound Marketing Help Your Company Grow?

For many, an Inbound approach is the catalyst for business growth, for others it is just a fad. What results can you expect after investing in Inbound Marketing? how-inbound-marketing-helps-grow-your-company In our experience, Inbound Marketing helps accelerate the growth of the company, increasing revenue through the generation of leads and their conversion to customers. In the same way, it allows the marketing and sales teams to be more efficient and generate a better ROI . Why Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing is a methodology that helps your company attract potential customers and increase sales effectively .

It allows building a relationship with the prospect and generating trust during the conversion process, by offering value in a non-intrusive way, unlike traditional advertising. The phases of the Inbound methodology allow you to carry out measurable actions throughout the sales funnel; Since a person or company is just a visitor to your website to being a promoter of your products and services, a proper implementation translates into an increase in sales indicators.

How Does Inbound Marketing Sales Company?

Grows Generating Demand (Prospects) Increase traffic to your website Why is increasing traffic to my website important? Simple, more visits to greece phone number your website means more people likely to convert to leads and sales . Technology, specifically the internet, has changed the way we live, learn, shop and consume . A few years ago it was necessary to go to companies and vendors (or vendors at our door) to obtain information about products and services.

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Now information is just a few clicks away, and the power is in the buyer’s hands. How to increase visits to your website? There are multiple ways, but in our experience blogging with an inbound approach is a very efficient way. The data is very clear, companies that use a blog have better results: “B2B buyers are more influenced by the use of the blog, since in the vast majority the products or services are specialized or technical, so they look for related information” ( Social Media Examiner ) “B2B Companies Using a Blog Generate 67% More Leads ” ( Tech Client ) Maybe you think “we use a blog, but this does not bring us clients”.

Your Company Or About The Problems Of Your Buyers?

If this happens, some things may need to be corrected. First let’s reflect: within your blog, are you talking about.  To attract quality traffic, it is important to integrate information that helps your prospects solve problems or needs related to your brand. Convert your visits to prospects Attracting visitors to your website is the first step, the objective of increasing traffic to your website is to convert them into prospects within a database. How to do it? Generating premium content offers is the key.

The use of webinars, ebooks, infographics, guides, manuals and technical sheets help two things: Offer Value: Unlike a traditional marketing approach, inbound focuses on providing your prospects with resources that add value, as well as building a relationship of trust. Generate leads: By downloading the valuable content, visitors provide their data, becoming a potential customer with name, surname and email. B2B companies that generate content offers generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. Grow By Increasing Income Convert your prospects to customers Once you have a database, it’s time to work on converting customers and closing sales .

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