How does this work in practice?

It is always important, after conceptualizing an idea, to show concrete examples of successful cases. In the case of the topic discussed in this content, there are some companies that have been successful in working on the consistency of their brands.

Meet some below!

Netflix and its communication
Example already mentioned in this post, Netflix is ​​a success story when it comes to brand consistency.

The company has remained for years as a company committed to important social causes, which has a humorous language, which interacts a lot with its public on social networks and, mainly, which uses excerpts from movies and series to generate entertaining content.

Rappi and the good use of visual identity

Rappi is another good example of brand consistency. The language is an important highlight, since the company has a very close communication with the public.

What stands out the VP Facility Manager Email Lists most is the visual standardization, respecting. The color red, which gives us a sense of urgency and a source that gives. Us the idea of ​​speed, the company uses its identity well in campaigns, generating good consistency.

Totto and his connection with lifestyles
Totto also stands out for its campaigns that are always very. Well produced, in addition to its brand activations sponsoring. For example, the colombian olympic committee and marian pajón, an athlete who has two gold medals.

Short, easy to remember, with a particular

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Sound and an attractive visual identity, the company preaches an adventurous lifestyle, always maintaining sophisticated and precise communication.


In this way, the company uses this approach to link its brand to these segments. Exploring the graphic part of the campaigns. Investing in brand coherence is to ensure that a company always catches. The attention of the consumer, keeping its ideas, values ​​and identity aligned.

This is essential to generate identification and recognition, essential elements. To build solid brands that are highly capable of retaining customers.

To develop this consistency, branding is essential, so if you want to become. A specialist on the subject, download our branding ebook and learn all the secrets.

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