How Ge Gives Recruiting Content a Personality Boost Chile Phone Number

If you had asked a group of CEOs 15 years ago what drives competitive advantage, the answer would have been simple: capital. Those with more could outspend their competitors – build capacity and buy advertising – or survive on low margins.

Ask the same question of an audience of CEOs today, and they’re much more likely to cite human capital. PwC’s long-running global survey of CEOs – now in its 20th year – underscores this idea. Across all industries, three in four CEOs say a shortage of key skills is a critical threat to their business (among tech CEOs, the availability of key skills is rated the biggest threat to the business, most important than issues such as the speed of technological change and cyber threats.)


3 in 4 CEOs say a shortage of key skills is a critical threat to their business via @PwC global survey. Click to tweetTherefore, For a company like GE, which has redefined Chile Phone Number itself from a manufacturing company to a “digital industry” (GE’s term) over the past decade, the ability to attract and retain top science and technology talent is critical. to his mission. Why? GE is looking to power the Industrial Internet of Things, which involves putting sensors on a growing number of assets inside factories, power grids, farms, hospitals, and more.



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Therefore, GE sponsored an ad campaign featuring a fictional developer named Owen. Therefore, earnest and clumsy owen lands a job at ge. But can’t convince his friends and family to share his enthusiasm. (in one ad, owen tries to explain how he’ll make hospitals more efficient and help turbines power cities. But his news is overshadowed by. A friend who announces a new job at zazzies. The app that lets you “putting fruit hats on animals.”)

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GE CMO Linda Boff said the campaign

Therefore, was an opportunity to use playfulness to explain why someone who is a software developer would come to GE.” The Owen series was a smash hit; interest in the careers section of the GE website increased by 800 percent. And Boff says it was also “definitive”, helping to recruit key people from among the company’s biggest talent competitors.

GE’s chief marketing officer warns that many players within the company, not just marketing, were responsible for the success; however, Owen’s screenplay was a spark. She says, “What we tried to do was create the content and the story that helps shine. A light that we hope captivates people and is one of the forces that brings them to enter.”

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