How To Attract New B2b Clients With Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a methodology that uses digital channels and uses different strategies to constantly generate leads. The difference with traditional marketing is that it is about attracting customers to your brand , instead of going out looking for them and saturating them with invasive advertising. But how does inbound marketing relate to B2B companies? Since 60% to 90% of B2B purchasing decisions are made online, the prospect is in control of the sale. Your role is to anticipate this situation and improve your B2B digital marketing strategy .

B2B inbound marketing focuses on creating relevant content to educate your ideal customer and guide them through their buying journey, until they are ready to buy from you. But what is the profile of a potential B2B customer? How is the B2B client? B2B customers have more objective motivations , such as profitability, profit, ROI, investment, resources, or time. In B2B purchases, 5 to 10 people are involved in the purchase decision process, some of them are influencers or decision makers, so it is important to demonstrate authority and domain in what concerns us.

Belong To Selective Niches And Often

In addition, to close a company-company sale, it is necessary to convince in a personalized way and play with all the existing pieces. To establish a long-term relationship of trust, you must give importance to factors such as: Value proposal. Why should they choose you over the new zealand email domains competition? What are your competitors doing to meet the needs of your potential customers? Your value proposition must be unique and must focus on satisfying the requirements of your customers. Positioning and online reputation.

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In a constantly evolving environment it is no longer enough to have a website. In addition to diversifying digital channels, you have to choose those them valuable content. Have a blog, success stories, landing pages, etc. it can improve your authority and relationship with your audience. Business culture and philosophy. It is increasingly common to give importance to the image that the company transmits, its values, its culture, social responsibility policies, to establish a collaboration.

That Your Customers Prefer And Offer

Now, how to start attracting new customers with B2B marketing ? We tell you in 5 easy steps. 1. You must align your marketing and sales teams A common problem in all companies is the constant friction between marketing and sales. Sometimes because the leads are of poor quality or because they are contacted when they are not yet ready to buy. With the inbound methodology, communication and processes are simplified by creating a constant and bidirectional workflow.

While the sales team provides key insights into the ideal customer and their requirements throughout their buying journey, marketing can create different content offerings to resolve their questions or issues and educate them until they make their decision. In turn, this content is used by sales to build a valuable relationship with prospects, generate interest, and even handle some sales objections and sell more. How to attract and convert new customers? The conversion funnel helps us understand where each prospect is and sets the tone for taking one action or another. To attract and convert prospects, there must be a common language between both departments where the following concepts are clear: Lead.

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