How To Grow An Sme?

You have greater scalability when performance is higher than sales growth. The first thing was to increase sales, how do we increase them? Generating leads that became customers. What do we do at GrowX Agency? We do inbound marketing and we want to replicate the multiple benefits that it has brought us to all our clients, make them grow and do it in a profitable way. Do you want to know how we are doing it? Why inbound marketing?

Answer this question we have to go back to the beginnings of GrowX Agency, if you have prospected or have sellers who are doing it, surely you can identify with more than one of these techniques. Inbound marketing ante… Sales depended on word of mouth recommendations, networking , we had a list of companies to which we could offer our services, cold calls and emails that were never opened. All these actions were exhausting, the prospects did not know, nor did they know what we were doing. In the end, the costs in time and money increased and did not generate benefits.

What Is The Return On Your Investment?

Understanding that the way of selling and buying has changed was the beginning of everything. Now the buyer is the one who has the purchasing find executive email addresses power, since most of the information is just a click away, then? We make buyers find us for themselves. Con inbound marketing… We are creating a lead generation infrastructure that does not depend on the methods of the prospecting techniques that we mentioned before, giving priority to prospects who are more likely to acquire our services.

find executive email addresses
find executive email addresses

We no longer depend on word of mouth, we use technology to achieve our goals. With inbound marketing we make strangers become clients, generating relationships of trust, in this way we reduce the costs of their acquisition and we have a clear vision of the return on our investment , because we can measure all the actions we undertake. Currently, how much does it cost you to acquire a new client? What is the lifetime value?

How Much Are You Investing In Marketing?

With this guide you will be able to measure the profitability of marketing and sales . How do we do it? We attract prospects through digital channels, we work to convert them into real sales opportunities and when they are not yet qualified, we nurture them, so when the right moment arrives we close the sales and if we manage to retain customers, we will be able to generate more and better sales and not That alone can be a business promoter.

Doing inbound marketing is not having an internet page in which hundreds of articles are registered, posting random photos and images every day on Facebook, inbound marketing implies planning each action, in order to meet the objectives. Daniela Ruiz, our content coordinator, can better explain what generating content consists of: “ It is adding value. Nowadays, to attract customers it is necessary to understand their needs and motivations to provide them with useful and quality information that solves their problems”.

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