How to Increase Traffic Using the Google Search Console

In conclusion, As a business, you need to constantly optimize your website or blog posts for valuable keywords and phrases to make it stand out online. Most site owners know this, but far fewer do nothing about it. In general, this results in not having any information about how their site currently works on Google. That’s where the Google Search Console (GSC) comes in. GSC is a free tool provided by Google that provides insights into website and page performance in Google Search. GSC isn’t the “perfect truth”, but while some numbers are obscured by the way Google collects and analyzes information, Shadow Making Service GSC is the closest to the truth available and optimizes online performance.

Shadow Making Service

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Ultimately, GSC can help you understand how Google displays your site and content and optimize search result performance. For more information on how the Google Search Console is used, see other blogs on this topic. Here we’ll look at how to use the Google Search Console to increase traffic on your site. Are you struggling to drive traffic to your site? Find ways to increase traffic to your site and turn these visitors into sales leads. Book a free growth audit Identify low-performing keywords Low-performing keywords are those that haven’t yet been ranked high in Google search results. Most people usually click on the first two to four results, which results in poor performance.

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a lot of organic traffic. If you rank 8th in Google search results, your page will get about 1.8% clicks. How to find information Go to the Search Results report under Performance. Then filter by position to look for keywords with a lower rank than you would expect to be ideally ranked. Click the identified keyword and go to the Pages tab to see which pages are currently ranked.

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