How To Sales Increase With Inbound?

Many companies aim to: increase sales, how to achieve it? The inbound marketing methodology helps generate new sales opportunities. We believe that the increase in sales is the result of a process and that Inbound marketing allows adding value to the business, from attracting prospects to closing the sale. how-to-increase-sales-with-inbound-marketing Our results and those of our clients are the sum of all the important decisions we make during the process.

Achieve this, we work together: clients and the GrowX Agency team, who from their area of ​​expertise contribute to generating more and better sales opportunities. To increase sales with inbound, we must first: Gather and analyze information: If we talk about GrowX Agency and our clients, before making decisions we use all, such as: the profile of the buyer personas, their purchase journey (these are updated with the information that we are collecting ), as well as the KPI’s of the current sales process and demand generation efforts .

The Information We Have Available

In order to make decisions we must know our current situation, our collaborators and clients, in this way we can establish precise actions in the short, medium and long term, which help to meet growth objectives. If we talk about a phone number indian new client, we jointly evaluate the business model, the current situation of the company, we diagnose and based on it, we offer an actionable plan to face the challenges and achieve the objectives.

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With this, we can understand where and how we can generate a greater impact. Should we work with the commercial force? Will we focus on the qualification of prospects by digital sources? Will we generate sales through customer service? Otherwise, we run a high risk of committing ourselves to fulfilling something. That is not possible, or else, we would not be able to see which are the “early victories” that allow us to deliver results as soon as possible.

We Define Objectives

The information collected allows us to have a clear line of action that indicates where we should focus our efforts. After that, a clear approach to objectives (SMART) defines. The path and tactics that must be carried out to meet them: what, how much, how, with what and when? These questions can only be answered with data, and that is why we collect and analyze data. With the SMART objectives approach, we not only seek their fulfillment. We also have greater control of the direction, monitoring and review of the activities that we must carry out.

If increasing sales is your only goal, you should think more about. The process and not so much about the result. Inbound marketing is for companies that sell important decisions. Sales growth with inbound is the consequence, not the cause “Inbound marketing generates 60% of sales opportunities in companies that implement it.” At GrowX Agency, we understand that the increase in sales is a consequence of the multiple actions we undertake to achieve it and for this we have a team that is in charge of executing them, what are these?

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