How to teach a child to put away a toy 7 options to relieve the pain of an older parent

Few people want to clean, but adults are easier to force themselves. And if it clears the background, turn the series or podcast, then this lesson will be measured.

Children to prevent cleaning is not simple. The most important thing is that they don’t want toys scattered around the place. Why not scatter them around the house to attract now? Tomorrow we still need to spread again! If you can explain the importance of order, you can turn this lesson into a game. There are many options for such games.

The game is perfect and the


Toys are spread not only in the children’s room, but generally throughout the house.

Give the child a list of toys that the child must see.

Call them, make a list (draw a toy or write their name) or just make a pattern card in your house and mark the play area with different colors.

Perhaps, a few hours before, you came to a Italy Phone Number doll or started accidentally but it is not clear where the ball came in the kitchen, so you will easily celebrate the game on the map.

I understand
Same game, but limited to one room. But the child can collect several toys at once.

Stand at the door to the room, put toys for toys and call the children: “I see five green machines” or “I see two cats.


The child will bring you a suitable

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Toy, and at some point the counting will be applied and repeat the colors.

Cleaning at speed
If you need to be creative quickly, organize a competition and collect toys for children.

When time does not move, let the child go with it, but also the structure.

Instead of telling him that he has to collect all the toys in half an hour, he first offers to put five toys in their place for 30 seconds. Don’t forget to reverse the order or skip the hard count.



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