How to Test Json-Ld Code in Shopify Using the Google Structured

If you’re using JSON-LD, microdata, or structured data in Shopify, it’s important to test to make sure your data is displayed correctly. If the data is incorrect, Google will not be able to read it and you will lose the benefits of retaining it. This is when most of Shopify’s themes are out of the box. They have structured data, which is outdated and incomplete, can contain errors and violate Google’s rules. table of contents How to test

1. Select a page 2. Schema markup validator (Structured Data Testing Tool)3. Good report 4. Bad report with errors Test tips: Warnings in the data Test tips: Errors and warnings Test Tip: Product Review Field Test Tip: Duplicate Data How to test structured data Structured data can be really technical and jargon-filled, which can confuse the test and the interpretation of the test. This guide describes testing structured data. Remove Background Image Read it to the end, including test tips at the end.

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This Guide Contains Years of Experience.

One tip is important enough for me to lead it. Schema Markup Validator is a developer-level tool that uses developer terminology such as errors and warnings. The meanings of these terms date back to the early days of computers and have different meanings than their general usage. Knowing the difference between an error and a warning can save you a lot of headaches and worries. 1. Select a page Before you start testing your Shopify store, it’s a good idea to select a few pages to rate. You can see all the pages in the store, but in most cases you can find a big problem by selecting a few specific pages. On each of the following pages, open a new tab or copy the full URL into your document.

Your Homepage Product Pages, Especially

pages with variations and reviews blog post (when using) Other special pages such as cooking recipes, inquiries, blog posts with videos, etc. For example, if you use multiple product templates, it’s a good idea to see one product from each template. 2. Schema Markup Validator (Structured Data Testing Tool)After collecting the pages, use a tool called Schema Markup Validator. This tool was originally created by Google and was called the Structured Data Testing Tool. In 2021, Google donated this tool to

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