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Structured data influence the way Google’s search algorithm positions your images. And they will be the starting point for image optimization to improve its ranking. Google Search Central(Source: Google Search Central ) Application alt tagin the image When an image won’t load. A box with an alt tag will appear in the top left corner. This should be a brief description of the picture and what it conveys. Like the title, the alt attribute is used to describe an image file when the browser cannot display it properly. It also helps visitors who use screen readers and also helps Google’s crawlers to better understand the content of a page.

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As they can usually only read text, not images. So make sure the alt tag and image match for maximum relevance. Create image maps (image sitemaps). Images are a natural part of the human visual experience, and search engines that want the best user experience will want to take them into account. While search engines can detect text Nepal Phone Number List links and crawl the content they lead to, they cannot access images like humans. By including images in your sitemap, you increase your chances of being discovered so that search engines will be able to display your page in their results. This will help search engines discover images that may have been overlooked.

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Images accessed by JavaScript code) Optimize the size of your images Digital images have dimensions, usually measured in pixels. While dimensions determine the file size (if you know the dimensions of BS Leads your image, you can calculate the file size), don’t confuse dimensions with file size. Image size refers to the image dimensions (e.g., 1080 by 620 pixels). The file size is the amount of space needed to save it on the server e.g. 21 megabytes.

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