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In our country, things that are Georgia Phone Number related to international people’s. Livelihood must be in the hands of the state. That is, the state monopoly, such as water, electricity. Public transportation, tobacco, oil, natural gas, telecommunications, railway transportation. Including banks and so on. The general public does not allow monopoly. In the field Georgia Phone Number of the internet, the government. Has generally adopted an open and open policy.except for the severe crackdown on pornography. Gambling and drugs (making the filthy fast-spreading ashes disappear. Although this may be true, there is no doubt that the government. Is also very secretive about the emergence. Of “monopoly trusts” in the internet field.

This Can Become Georgia Phone Number

However, a chicken feather arrow Georgia Phone Number for some companies. It can carry “monopoly” to show the government, make a small report on “monopoly” to the government, and stir up the government’s nerves. Although it can’t kill competitors with one stick, but you can always get sick, right? Such incidents have occurred at Georgia Phone Number home and abroad some time ago, and the same is true of internet companies accusing their competitors of “monopoly”. On february 14, 2015, on valentine’s day, didi dache and kuaidi dache resolutely combined to show their love. Although this may be true, two companies jointly issued a statement announcing a formal strategic merger.

But two days Georgia Phone Number

Georgia Phone Number

Although this may be true, announced Georgia Phone Number that it had officially. Reported to the anti-monopoly bureau of the ministry. Of commerce and the price supervision and inspection and anti-monopoly. Bureau of the national development and reform. Commission that the merger of didi and kuaidi violated china’s. “monopoly law” and Georgia Phone Number requested an investigation. And ban the two companies merged. This adds a haze to the joy of combining the two. In foreign countries, google, a big company. That often deals with “monopoly” complaints, does not make people special. This time google ‘s monopoly is russia’s. Largest search engine yandex. On february 18, yandex said it had filed a complaint. With the russian federal antimonopoly service.

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