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In less than a year you will be an expert on the subject! After sales is a fundamental part of customer service. See some more tips. In this presentation created by the agendor team: after sales techniques to attract loyal customers from agendor . Did you think the sources of knowledge had run out? See a few more: customer service articles: check out our selectionmba in sales: learn about options to make yours! Júlio paulillo view on linkedin share with your team sales mba share with your team constant learning is essential for career success in sales. This is advice that we insist on reinforcing in our content.

Presenting different paths for development: from podcasts to graduate courses. From reading blogs to courses for salespeople . It’s time to talk about a training model that has been increasingly valued in our market: the mba in sales. See how to be more productive and efficient in sales with our free downloadable guide in it you will see how to organize and take advantage of the relationship with your customers to sell more and better. Cover-guide-productive-efficient-sales.png name corporate email office qty of salespeople in the company field of activity want to receive sales secrets and tips?

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We will present the main options for those who are Ivory Coast Phone Number looking for one. Both in the face-to-face model and in the distance learning model. What is an mba in sales and what are its advantages? Mba is the acronym for master of business administration. Which can be translated into portuguese as master of business administration . It is focused on training executives and can be focused on a specific discipline. Such as finance. Marketing or sales. For example. Despite the name. This course does not confer the same degree as a master’s degree in brazil. But a specialization – precisely because it is more focused on the market than on the academic area.

Ivory Coast Phone Number

If what you are looking for. Therefore. Is to improve your knowledge and skills necessary to manage a company or organization with greater success. This is an excellent option. With very practical teachings. It is also worth remembering that the mba title is widely recognized by the market at the time of a professional outplacement or promotion. 5 in-person mba sales options for those who have the time and are in one of the main urban centers in the country.

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In this model. In addition to the content learned. There is a great gain in networking. Which can be worth a lot for your career! 1. Mba business management: sales and sales planning – fia/são paulo the courses offered by the fia are among the best in the world. According to the financial times ranking. This is. Therefore. An option for those looking for a renowned school to pursue their mba in sales. In the mba business management: sales and sales planning course . The objective is to train professionals to apply business concepts. Practices. Techniques and up-to-date management tools in the area.

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