Inbound and Outbound Applied to the Sales Cycle

The effects of the sales cycle are different depending on the commercial model adopted, especially in what corresponds to the choice of working with inbound or outbound .

If you are not familiar with these terms and do not want to delve into the matter yet, I leave you with a well-summarized definition.

We can define inbound as a strategy that encourages the client to get in touch with the company through the production of content, SEO and interactions on social networks. The sales team is internal and uses technology to streamline their process.

The outbound , on the other hand,

Uses a more traditional and invasive prospecting, coming into direct contact with the client to offer the product, be it by scheduling a sales meeting by phone, or by visiting the client directly.

It is commonly used in more complex sales, mainly when the consumer is not in the habit of taking the initiative to Chairman Email Lists buy and it is difficult to stimulate him. This strategy tends to have a longer cycle .

The inbound sales cycle can be shortened when the lead understands their problem and knows how to fix it.

Therefore, in this strategy it is necessary to develop skill and technique in nurturing leads .

Good nutrition allows more efficiency

Chairman Email Lists

When it comes to stimulating the buyer’s journey towards. The purchase action, making it easier for him to become aware of the solution. To consider making the option and, finally, to decide for it.

In outbound, the effectiveness of the sales cycle depends on other factors. Such as a good strategy to “Reach” the person who makes. The decision, that is, talk to whoever has the autonomy to close the deal .

Client qualification is usually done before prospecting and the sales process is more expensive.

This implies transfers and dedication of a highly qualified professional.

That is why it is important to know how to find the information that allows selecting the prospect and, at the same time, offers subsidies for the sales approach.

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