Influencer Marketing: How to Leverage Your Brand

As much as it is already an established strategy in the market, there are still many people who wonder what Influencer Marketing is. In this article you will find all the necessary information to understand this practice that brings excellent results.

Influencer Marketing is a modality of Digital Marketing , and in this post we will talk more about the essence and the proposal of its actions and not so much about its meaning itself, since influencers are already part of the daily life of those who are in the web, especially on social networks.

A Survey Carried Out by the Mediakix Agency

In 2019 shows us that 17% of the companies interviewed invest more than half of their marketing budget in Influencer Marketing.

The trend is for this strategy to be used more and more and, consequently, for dissemination agents β€” influencers β€” to COO Email List be more integrated into the environment. If you are wondering how they can be so important for brands, this post will clear all your doubts!

Keep reading and discover more about Influencer Marketing!

What are influencers?
Influencers are people who can communicate with an audience, generate their desires and actions, and influence their perceptions, opinions, and personal preferences .

This impact is possible because the influencers are relevant people within specific segments, thanks to a previous work or process of building an audience.

For some time, such people have been learning to interact with a specific group. In this way, influencers often have a relevant voice to indicate, recommend and request.

Who are these people?

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For a long time, the idea of ​​influencers was related to celebrities, famous athletes, big movie stars, well-known singers and top models. Today, however, this concept has been redefined thanks to an important platform: the social network .

People who were unknown a few years ago became big stars and incredible influencers overnight . It all depends on how they can become relevant and known in a specific social niche .

First of all, influencers are people who generate content . Many start with a minimal base and gradually gain followers through social networks.

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