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There are two fairly new, and very important. Conditions existing in the world today that have not only made. The carpet cleaning industry a “billion-dollar business,” but also practically guarantee your success as an entrepreneur in this field. First, almost all homes and Mexico Phone Number office buildings built since 1960 have wall-to-wall carpeting. Secondly, the replacement costs and the cyclical faltering of the national economy have caused people to want to make what they already own last longer, especially in the case of carpeting, which is a sizeable investment. Most businesses employ janitors or janitorial services to vacuum their carpets after hours daily.

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To deep-clean them every three months or so. Homemakers also generally vacuum their carpets perhaps several times a week, and then hope to deep-clean every spring or fall, depending on the kind of household traffic, and on their budgets. It’s true that people everywhere try to save money by handling these jobs themselves. However, empathy with the people, and an understanding of this trend, should be neither cause for alarm nor a deterrent to your success in this business. Most people are just too busy to handle all their do-it-yourself projects.

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That requires special equipment . This is especially true with carpet cleaning, because deep down, they’re fearful of botching the job. Thus, they’re more than willing to pay an expert or a specialist to do this kind of work for them It doesn’t take any special education, skill or experience to operate a professional-type, deep-cleaning carpet cleaner. Yet, from, your first job onward, you should project the image of a thoroughly experienced expert in your field. And, we’re going to show you how you can get started in this business, and make $300 or more per working day, with virtually no investment The important.

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