Invest in Good Product Images

Investing in good images of the products is also a way to give. The buyer security and help him in his decision making. Another gain with this is to reduce the chances of exchanges and returns. Which are a huge burden for online stores.

Therefore, take photos from all angles (with the possibility of zooming), details. The products in use within a context to get an idea of ​​their size.

Also invest in videos, which help make the product even more tangible.

A store that does it quite well is Max Mattress, which with its videos conveys the emotion that the customer would feel when purchasing the product:

Create Complete Product Descriptions

The product description also helps the consumer to make his purchase decision , especially in this period when he is reluctant to Payroll Directors Email Lists spend his money. In addition, the description helps to position the page in Google in searches related to that product.

It is simply not worth getting the descriptions that come ready from the provider, as they will be used by many other stores and therefore will not help with SEO .

Write original, informative and persuasive texts, guided by keywords and scannable, that stimulate the client’s decision and indexing by Google .

Also, use other product information resources, such as customer reviews, Q&As, sizing charts, and virtual fitting rooms , like the one Zara did:

Optimize the Conversion Funnel

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Now, we have entered the buying process. The customer has gone through all the maturation of the decision, searched for information, trusted your store and finally decided to buy; therefore enter the e-commerce conversion funnel.

This is a sensitive step in online sales. According to the Baymard Institute, about 70% of shopping carts are abandoned . The main reasons for this are extra costs, the requirement to create an account, and payment complications.

Therefore, you need to analyze cart abandonment statistics — Google Analytics helps with that — to understand what is driving users to abandon their purchase. In this way, you can optimize the conversion funnel to reduce resistance and, consequently, increase your online sales.

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