Invest in Post-sale Strategies

After completing the sale, congratulations: you have won a customer! But don’t finish the job here, you can still surprise your customer in the post-sale and bring him more often to buy in your e-commerce.

After – sales begins after the purchase is complete. After that, you can perform some actions, such as:

carefully deliver the product, with a different gift, packaging or message to the customer;
monitor to see if the customer is satisfied or needs advice on using the product;
apply personalized email marketing to keep in touch and inform about new offers;
use remarketing to offer products related to your last purchase;
Create rewards programs for loyal customers.
It is important to take customer retention measures in the crisis to drive buybacks now and maintain the foundation for the future, as we rebuild the economy and finances of the most impacted businesses.

Focus on Your Buyer Persona

Understanding how to write a product description requires putting yourself in the shoes of your buyer persona. If you start writing and have a large crowd of buyers in mind, your descriptions become bland and you end up addressing no one at all.

In short, when it comes to Marketing Directors Email Lists writing our own presentation for products or services, we must start by imagining your ideal buyer:

What kind of humor do they appreciate (if any)?
What words do they hate?
Do they agree with very specific cultural words?
What questions do they ask you that you should answer?

Attract With Benefits

Marketing Directors Email Lists

When we sell our own products, we get excited about the individual features and specifications. We live and breathe our company, website, and everything!

If, for example, you are selling a soap, don’t focus on what everyone is selling then you could mention that: not only will it clean it in the shower, but it is also strong enough to remove any stink. No matter how heavy your day has been.

And, thanks to the ” green ” movement for the environment, you can add particular characteristics to your product, which would, in turn, add some extra benefits, including “Natural ingredients” and “Exfoliating oatmeal” to attract your attention. Ideal buyer personality.

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