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Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing use these results. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) A listing that a user finds in a search engine after typing a search query. Typically, the results consist of a series of Taiwan WhatsApp Number List listings and paid or sponsored search ads. search the web A set of search-related sites where your ad can appear, including Google search sites and search partners. But they are PPC based, so you only get paid when someone clicks on your ad. Search for a partner These are sites that partner with Google to display ads on the Search Network. These sites are then able to share in the advertising profits in return.

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Some sites in the Search Partner Network use Google to power their site search capabilities, such as online directories and smaller search engines such as Ask and AOL. You can opt out in the Google interface, but you Taiwan WhatsApp Number List bid specifically on search partners. search query A search query is what a user enters when searching on any search engine to find information. Your ad will show when a user’s search includes the keyword you’re bidding on (depending on match type and other targeting options).

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Search Query Report (SQR) Also known as the “Search Term Report,” it allows advertisers to see what triggers PPC ads in search queries. This report is very valuable because it contains information about your Taiwan WhatsApp Number List and their performance on user search terms. This will help you optimize your keywords, identify new profitable keywords, and block irrelevant queries. seller Center Brands and merchants use to manage the products they sell on the Amazon marketplace. S

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