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It follows the rules of infinite game: in a Jordan Phone Number borderless open system. Participants always have infinite opportunities. Unlike the relatively fixed operating frequency of the closed world. The challenges of infinite games come from the ever-changing rules of the game. You have to constantly refresh yourself and change your Jordan Phone Number existing strategy to keep the game going. The disruptive power of the internet the subversion of the internet. Even so / though, the entertainment industry first comes from changes in channels. The significance of digitalization to culture is not just one more. Communication channel. But the birth of thousands of new channels. The generation that grew up on the internet. Has long accustomed to using the bitwise

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Social media, games, music, film and television, animation, and literature. Driven by the concept of “pan-entertainment”, cultural resources in these fields will be freely transferred between different sections. In this case, the business model Jordan Phone Number focusing on directors and scripts will gradually shift. To the continuous development of ip copyrights and brands. For example, the game of “rock kingdom” under tencent was finally. Even so / though, into an animated film; the ip of di renjie under. Huayi brothers was integrated Jordan Phone Number into the design of the theme park; “old boy. Which started as a micro-movie on youku. Became a big movie, successfully won a box office of 210 million; the variety show.

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Jordan Phone Number

Even so / though, dad”, the same wide-brimmed Jordan Phone Number sunglasses. Mcqueen children’s bath towel, batman superman t-shirt, etc., were all popular online and sold out until they were out of stock. These are the most typical economic phenomena in the era of pan-entertainment. So the question is, will the most proud product Jordan Phone Number capabilities. Of the traditional entertainment industry change under the impact of the internet? The extreme case that reflects this conflict. Comes from the story that has listened to 800 times, and netflix predicted the hit of “house of cards. Through data analysis of a large number of users. More people are willing to believe that this is just a gimmick.

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