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The Thin Content Problem Duplicate content is a common problem for e-commerce sites. When duplicate content occurs, it can be difficult to rank high in search engines, as Google may penalize the site for having Croatia WhatsApp Number List too many versions of the same content. Avoid this problem by making sure your pages have unique images and copy that are different from other websites. Google also likes pages that provide a lot of value, which are closely related to long-form content. Therefore, you may want to add more content to your product pages. Duplicate product description, one with a big X 6.HTTPS/SSL When you anticipate fully launching your ecommerce site, use an SSL certificate to make sure it’s secure.

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Google has issued a statement saying they will give preferential treatment to sites using encrypted connections in search engine results pages. Use Breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs are a site structure used to display a location within a Croatia WhatsApp Number List with indentation. This will help your visitors navigate easily and improve their experience on your website. Breadcrumbs highlighted on checkout page 8. XML sitemap and  file An XML sitemap is a file that lists the URLs on your website.

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Search engine crawlers how to access and index the content on your site, and is structur like a robot’s instruction manual. 9. Mobile Compatibility To enable mobile shoppers to use your site as effectively as Croatia WhatsApp Number List sure you have a mobile-friendly layout that fits their device needs. Some great tools to help with this are Google AMP, which allows faster loading and better scrolling on mobile devices.

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