It is a Huge Mistake to Choose a Tool Exclusively for Having the Cheapest Price.

In fact, there are many cases in which, despite the fact that they are options with a high cost, they manage to produce enough results to generate greater profitability for the company.

In other words, the correct thing to do is to choose the tools for the benefit they will bring to the business, not only for the acquisition cost.

If a Martech is very cheap, but does not simplify your processes as it should, this will lead to an increase in your expenses to solve that deficiency.

Diversity of functionalities

There is almost a tool for each type of process or need of marketing teams.

However, you will be able to find options on the market that do much more than just one thing, that is, you will be able to solve more than one activity within your organization with the same tool.

A smart decision is to choose Martech software and products that offer several functions, for example, as SEMrush or HubSpot do, which integrate a lot of solutions in the same platform to bring several functionalities for the price of one.

Good! You already know the criteria that you must apply to choose your Martech. What we will show you next are those that are popular in the segment.

What are the Risk Managers Email List most used Martech?
Martechs are so popular with marketers that many of these are part of any team’s routine. What do you think about discovering the best known and most productive that exist?

Discover them!

Google Analytics One of the most used platforms in

Risk Managers Email List

Digital Marketing is Google Analytics , since it is the most common representation of a Martech.

Focused on data analysis, it is a platform that provides a large amount of information on the behavior of the audience and the performance of marketing strategies.

By tracking the details in real time, you can identify everything from the most basic to the most complex metrics, from the average visit time on your pages to the source channels.

All these details will allow you to refine your strategies even more, and find ways to improve the indicators considered most important for your business.

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